Monday, 1 October 2012

CommonToe Problems

Nasty toe sprains can cause numbness in toes from jamming your foot when coming to a sudden stop or landing in an awkward position causing your toes to jam in the end of your shoes. The most common occurrences are from sporting activities including walking, running, dancing and even stubbing your toe in the dark.

Although a sprained toe will heal on their own over time, it is essential for a faster recovery to apply the following treatment to the sprained toe:
Ice to the affect toe using an ice pack or frozen vegetable bag wrapped in a towel. Apply the towel directly to the toe for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours. Do not apply the ice directly to the skin as this will cause more harm.

Compression – If your big toe has been sprained then you will be able to use a compression bandage and wrap the toe to reduce the swelling in your toe. Make sure you do not wrap the bandage too tight as you will cut off the circulation of blood flow to the toe.
Elevate the affected toe above you heart by lying down and propping your foot up with pillows. This will help to reduce the swelling in the sprained toe.

Be sure to rest your affected toe during the first few days of the injury as this will help you to recover faster. In most cases a minor toe sprain can heal within 2-6 weeks with the appropriate treatment.

If you have to move around while still injured then try taping the affected toe to the uninjured toe next to it. Wrap gauze tape or a compression bandage around the two toes to help immobilize the injured toe.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Easy System to Cure Your Toenail Fungus


The first step is to cut and file back the infected toenail as comfortably as you can without feeling any pain. Make sure that you use a good quality toenail clipper and collect the off cuts for disposal. The infected toenail will be very thick and hard to cut in which case you may need to use toenail scissors to cut them back.


The second step involves cleaning the toenails with pure alcohol. After cutting and filing back the toenails you will need to clean the infected toenail using pure alcohol. You can use a cotton pad dipped in pure alcohol to clean them. It is best to use pure alcohol instead of water.


The third step involves soaking your toes in vinegar. After cleaning your toenails using pure alcohol you will need to soak the infected toes in vinegar for 20-30 minutes. It will be easier to soak all your toes at once in a small container filled with vinegar. Soaking the toenails in vinegar will help combat the fungus.


The last step involves applying tea tree oil to the toenails. After soaking the toenails in vinegar for 20-30 minutes, remove them from the vinegar and dry them with a fresh clean towel. Apply tea tree oil directly to the infected toenail surface and let the tea tree oil soak in.

Repeat the 4 steps above every night for 1-2 months and you will cure your toenail fungus. You may not have to cut and file back the toenail every night as the toenail will not grow back overnight. After applying this cure you will notice after 1-2 weeks that your infected toenail will start to fade away as the fungus will disappear and a brand new toenail will grow back.

The system sounds too easy but it really does work. Do your toes a favor and try the system today. Your toes will thank you for curing your toenail fungus. I sincerely hope this article helps you to cure your toenail problem.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Toe Problems and Solutions

Numbness in Toes

If you are experiencing Numbness in Toes, the numbness may just be a simple result of restricted flow of blood to the feet, as an example your feet going to sleep or simply a substantially more big problem with your entire body. Most likely the numbness will likely be the result of insufficient circulation of blood to the toe that may be result of too little movement or sometimes wearing an unsuitable sized shoe. If you happen to experience numbness in the feet then try moving your own body position and the numbness may possibly soon dwindle as the blood will start to recirculate.

A much more wide-spread cause of numbness in the feet is from wearing bad sized shoes, especially when performing exercise when our feet enlarge. When purchasing a pair of walking or exercising shoes speak with a good supplier that may possibly advise the best sneaker for the activity that you want. Your posture might also lead to numbness in feet, try concentrating on a heel to toe movements that enables the toes to flatten out with each and every step.

Swollen Toe

An inflamed swollen toe is an all natural human body defence that triggers a build up of fluid that end up getting stuck under the skin producing inflation. Toe swelling can occur in one or sometimes several toes together from the results of personal injury such as the banging ones own toe against a wall, a cut, ingrown toenails or a few other problems. The swelling could be connected with bruising, itching, serious pain, redness, warmness, numbness as well as stiffness.

Inflamed toes could be brought about by injury from sporting activities including exercising or sometimes could in fact be an under-lying medical problem. Sports such as jogging puts a considerable amount of strain on your foot, the repetitive pounding on firm surfaces can cause swollen toes. Bruised and inflamed toes could be avoided by putting on suitable sized sneakers coupled with thick lined socks. Incorrect sized shoes could certainly restrict the flow of blood to the feet and toes.

If your toes are inflamed resulting from jogging or many other related fitness activities, a classic home cure treatment would be to utilize a cold ice pack and apply it right to the toe also to keep the damaged toe raised to reduce the inflammation.

Broken Toe

This can easily be a very painful experience that is frequently caused by a physical injury to the feet which include dropping a certain bulky item on ones own foot or perhaps a continuous injury such as prolonged kicking that can take place from athletic events such as martial arts.

Very common warning signs of a busted toe feature throbbing pain, enlarged toe, redness, deformed toe as well as bruising. If you are looking to lessen discomfort and heel more quickly, it really is highly recommended that you need to instantaneously make use of the an ice pack to reduce the inflammation as well as elevate the feet.

Taking over the counter-top medication could actually help ease the discomfort but nonetheless a doctor will be able to suggest the recommend drugs. Although a broken toe could be handled in your own home by making a toe splint, the moment the soreness is increasing and worsening then it is preferred to seek medical care inspection as quick as possible in order to heel the toe in the correct way.


Prevention is the key to get around potential toe pain which include putting on a pair of protective shoes at the office and putting on the proper sized shoes.

Most common toe damage could possibly be taken care of at home but it surely could be necessary to seek medical check-up from a medical expert in cases where the trauma is getting more painful.